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A cycleway allows cyclists to safely use and enjoy urban and open spaces for commuting, exercising and relaxing. Choose our CycSafe® cycleway safety fence system for a safe, compliant and good looking solution.


CycSafe® is our proprietary system designed to prevent cyclists being injured by coming into contact with hazards such as vehicles, trees and steep embankments. The AusRoads compliant design consists of a safety “bump rail” set off the barrier with a series of brackets that deflects cyclists from damage moving at speed along a cycleway.

The bike path fencing is made from premium grade pre-galvanised tubular steel. The steel surface is then meticulously cleaned and prepared in a 7-stage chemical pre-treatment process and finished in a highly durable polyester powder coat that will look great for years to come. The safety fence system is modular and is assembled readily on site with no need for cutting and welding.


The benefits of CycSafe® cycleway safety fencing include:

  • The proprietary swaged (interlocking) bump rail eliminates the need for welding connections on site.
  • Proprietary bump rail stand off brackets accommodate changes of direction and gradient of the cycleway without the need for bending, cutting and welding materials on site.
  • Peace of mind that a duty of care to protect people from extreme hazards has been met.
  • Prevention of actual harm or serious injury.
  • Superior aesthetic outcome by way of the design and high quality coating finish.


Product Features

  • 1400mm high safety “bump rail” standard
  • Full or partial safety barrier options
  • Complies with the AusRoads Guidelines
  • Hot dip galvanised components
  • Corrosion resistant silicon bronze welds
  • 10 year coating warranty
  • Anti-graffiti coatings optional
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Product Details

• Standard panel height (full barrier): 1200mm
• Standard bump rail height: 1350-1500mm above riding surface
• Standard panel length: 2400mm
• Fence posts: 65x65mm steel hollow tube
• Pregalvanised steel hollow tube that complies with AS1450:1983 and AS1397:2001
• Weld type: Silicon Bronze
• Product finish: Polyester powder coat to AS 4506:2005 Metal finishing - Thermoset powder coatings.

Please Download Product Brochure for CycSafe® Cycleway Safety Fencing in pdf file format.

Please Download Product Data Sheet for CycSafe® Cycleway Safety Fencing in pdf file format.

This document provides a review of available reference documents for determining appropriate fencing requirements for bikeway paths and shared use paths. This review is intended to assist and inform the operators/ designers of such infrastructure.

Please CONTACT US and we can provide detailed and dimensioned CAD drawings showing the fence and gate assemblies as installed.

• Full barrier with flat top* panel with 25x25x1.2mm vertical pickets into the horizontal rails at 137mm centres.
• Partial barrier with a 40x40x1.6mm mid rail.
*Please note: we recommend flat top style in-fill panels for cycleway safety fencing to minimise the potential harm to cyclists when coming into contact with the fence.

• Use our SmartaBracket® steel security bracket (3mm gauge) that is much stronger and vandal resistant than a shroud preventing theft of the panels or unauthorised access to a property. The bracket is hot dip galvanised, rather than zinc plated, after fabrication making it much more corrosion resistant and long lasting. The bracket encloses the rail and fixes to the non-attack side of the post making the bracket quicker to install. This bracket has two fixing points to the post and one to the rail of the panel. We can supply a 12 gauge self drilling tek screw with a standard hex drive or anti-tamper drive.

• The standard finish of the materials is hot dip galvanised after fabrication to give a highly corrosion resistant finish to the fence.

• Alternatively, the fence materials can be made from pre-galvanised steel and finished in a polyester powder coat that will give a tough and long lasting colored finish to the safety barrier.



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