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A household pool can give years of good times and enjoyment for the family and friends but they come with a responsibility. Choose our Pool’nPlay® pool fencing for peace of mind that your pool is safe, compliant and long lasting.


Pool’n Play® is our fence and gate system designed to control the access of children to and from domestic pools. The fence design and materials are such that children cannot pass under, over or through the fence. This is combined with self closing hinges and magnetic latch to give a compliant pool safe outcome.

The fencing is made wholly in-house by Bluedog from premium grade pre-galvanised tubular steel and is regularly tested to ensure compliance with the Australian Standard for pool fencing. The steel surface is meticulously cleaned and prepared in a 7-stage chemical pre-treatment process and finished in a highly durable polyester powder coat that will look great for years to come. 


The benefits of Pool’n Play® pool fencing include:

  • Prevention of serious harm or death of children.
  • Peace of mind that the fencing is compliant as compared to imported fence panels.
  • Save money by way of extended product life as compare to imported fence panels.
  • Superior aesthetic outcome by way of the high quality coating finish.

Product Features

  • Can be configured in Loop, Rod or Flat Top
  • Standard 1200mm high “off the shelf” style available
  • Complies with the Australian Standard for pool fencing
  • NATA approved materials and design
  • The picket is welded through the rails and not face welded
  • Corrosion resistant silicon bronze welds
  • 10 year coating warranty
  • Proudly Australian made in-house by Bluedog
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Product Details

• Standard panel height: 1200mm
• Standard panel length: 2400mm (nominal)
• Fence posts: 50x50x1.6mm x 1800mm long steel hollow tube
• Material: Pregalvanised steel hollow tube to AS1450:1983 and AS1397:2001
• Weld type: Silicon Bronze
• Product finish: Polyester powder coat to AS 4506:2005 Metal finishing - Thermoset powder coatings.

• Ø16x1.2mm round picket passing into 38x25x1.6mm horizontal rails at 106 centres.
• Ø19x1.2mm round picket passing into 40x40x1.6mm horizontal rails at 106 centres.

• Flat top with the picket inserted into the top rail and finishing flush with the underside of the bottom rail.
• Loop top with a loop above the top rail and finishing flush with the underside of the bottom rail.
• Rod top with the picket extending above the top rail and finishing flush with the underside of the bottom rail.*
• Decorative tops are available on request.
*we don’t recommend the picket extend below the bottom rail for pool safe applications.

• For standard applications we recommend a light weight pressed steel shroud (1mm gauge) that is zinc plated. This shroud has two fixing diagonal fixing points to the post – in line with the panel - and one to the rail of the panel. We supply a color matched self-drilling tek screw in either 10 or 12 gauge to suit.

• Ø16x1.2mm upright profile: 38x25x1.6mm rails and 40x40x1.6mm stiles. Single gates leaves: 1000mm. Double gates leaves: 1520mm.
• Ø19x1.2mm upright profile: 40x40x1.6mm rails and stiles. Single gates leaves: 1015mm. Double gates leaves: 1439mm.

• Self-closing hinges that comply with AS1926. These heavy duty plastic hinge screws to the gate latch stile and gate post with a series of 14g self-drilling tek screws.

• Pull top magnetic locks that are child-safe and comply with AS1926. These units screw to the gate latch stile and gate post with a series of 14g self-drilling tek screws

• Polyester powder coat that will give a tough and long lasting colored finish to the fence.



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