CrowdTuff® pedestrian barrier fencing installed at QLD Energex substation

CrowdTuff® pedestrian barrier fencing installed at QLD Energex substation

21st Dec 2016

We recently supplied more of our CrowdTuff® Flat Top Pedestrian Barrier Fencing around the frontage of the newly constructed Energex substation at Kelvin Grove (Brisbane). The internal substation is located on the busy Kelvin Grove Road and was constructed by Kane Constructions. Our product had been specified by the architect and our client opted for the 1800mm high flat top style of tubular fencing . The panels were constructed from 25x25x1.2mm pre-galvanised steel tubular uprights through punched in to 40x40x1.6mm tubular rails. The posts were a 75x75x3mm tubular section with heavy base flanges allowing for bolt down by way of chemical anchor and threaded rod. Site specific challenges included the fence panels being fitted between rock piers. The black powder coated finish to the tubular fencing gives a very aesthetically pleasing outcome for the highly visible site. The purpose of the fencing at the inner Brisbane site was both a security fencing application and a barrier to demarcate the boundary of the site and prevent pedestrians from entering the grounds. The high voltage transformers are housed inside the building.


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