GuardForce® 358 high security fencing secures second gas station on the Brisbane River

GuardForce® 358 high security fencing secures second gas station on the Brisbane River

01st Jan 2016

Bluedog's GuardForce® 358 anti-climb welded mesh fence and gate system was installed around a high pressure natural gas pumping station in Hemmant, immediately adjacent to the Brisbane river. The same GuardForce® 358 mesh system was installed around the 'sister' station on the directly opposite side of the river some 18 months earlier. The driver for the installation of the new high security fencing was primarily to prevent unauthorised access to the site.The new security fencing, with a finished height of 3000mm, replaced dilapidated 2100mm high chainwire fencing that is not particuarly difficult to scale or cut with a pair of hand pliers. Persons gaining access to the yard could result in them, or potentially other members of the public, being exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or death. The other risk for the asset owner is that sensitive equipment might be tampered with and/ or valuable materials be stolen. This in turn could create hazards for authorised workers in the yard or result in disruption to the operation to station that would be extremely costly to the natural gas customers being supplied by the station. 

The fence and gate system supplied consisted of:

  • 110 metres of 2.4 metre high 358 welded mesh sheet with posts and rails to suit. The close spaced aperture of the welded mesh makes the finished assembly very difficult to climb or penetrate without the aid of tools.
  • The posts were fitted with barb extensions to support 5 strands of barb wire and overlapping loops of Bluedog Repel® razor tape with a short blade. This assembly acheives a finished effective height of 3 metres.
  • Two sets of GuardForce® 4.8 metre double manual swing gates to allow vehicular access to the yard. These gates were fitted with Bluedog Eternity® hinges using a heavy duty greasable tapered bearing at bottom and deep groove ball bearing hinge arrangement at top, that allows the level of the gate leaf to be adjusted. This high capacity and lubricated hinge arrangement will allow the gates to be opened easily for many years to come, minimising manual handling risks and maintenance costs. The gates were fitted with the Bluedog Bolt'n® locking hardware with a Ø30mm stainless steel slide bolt (padlockable) and two Ø16mm drop bolts (padlockable).
  • A Personell Access gate for the main access to the yard. This gate was fitted with an anti-tamper hand-hole to protect the locking hardware from attack from the outide.
  • An Emergency Exit gate fitted with a deadlatch with panic lever fitted on the inside of the gate. 
  • All the steel work was hot dip galvanised after fabrication. This higher level of corrosion resistance is sensible given the site is immediately adjacent to the Brisbane River. The 358 welded mesh panel is made from a 4mm Zinc Aluminium alloy wire.


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