New product: TopRail® a top idea. No horsing around!

New product: TopRail® a top idea. No horsing around!

15th May 2016

We developed the TopRail® post and rail fence system in response to a need in the market for a more functional steel post and rail fence system. Other systems involve the cost of laser cutting the steel square hollow section post, welding the rail(s) in place and then touching up the zinc coating or the colour finish. Alternatively, there are some brackets that fit internally to the 115x42mm oval rail or 'saddle' brackets the fit around the rail to secure it to the post. The limitation of these systems is that they could not easily handel undulations in the ground level. We opted for heavy one-piece bracket that is fixed to the post with a series of low profile self-drilling tek screws. This eliminates the need for cutting and welding on-site that compromises the protective zinc coating and looks unsightly when zinc repaired. The bracket also accomodates a degree of variation in the spacing of posts and neatly aesthetically hides this. It also readily accomodates a rail of 10 degrees to horizontal to suit sloped terrain. Using a bracket system also means that if access is need through the fence at some point in the future the rail(s) can easily be removed and reinstalled. Similarly, if a rail is bent of damaged it can easily be replaced. 


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