Investigation finds schools lacking secure perimeter fencing

Investigation finds schools lacking secure perimeter fencing

03rd Sep 2016

Arson reduced by 100%, trespass by 88%, vandalism by 71% and break ins by 50% are some of the audit findings that were reported in the Channel 7 News (Sydney) feature story on the effectiveness of school security fencing around public schools in NSW.The story opens with the statement 'that years after the roll out [of installing fencing] began many schools still don't have their secure perimeter fences. A Seven News investigation found cost could be a reason. Despite evidence, the fencing protects schools from break-ins and keeps children much safer.' In the course of the story a mother is shown outside a school praising the benefit of the fencing saying the fence "keep kids in and undesirables out". The report also states:

  • some 900 of 2,000 public schools have had school security fencing supplied and installed.
  • the NSW department of Education is aware of some 300 schools that could 'benefit' from perimeter fencing being installed.
  • that the fencing keeps children safe during school hours but also reduces the frequency of anti-social behaviour on the school grounds after hours, with multiple examples of used syringes being found on school grounds by students.


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