10+ year performance report gives buyers peace of mind

Posted on Posted on 19th Nov 2017

When you are buying a product from a supplier, how do you get some peace of mind about what their product will look like in 10 plus years? Simple: a reliable guide is to have a look at a sample of the supplier’s product that has been in service for over a decade. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so check out these images of a SecuraTop® school security fence we manufactured and installed in 2007.

SecuraTop® fence is on track to give 20+ years service life

We are confident the fence will be in good shape at the 20 year mark based on the following observations:

  • It appears the fencing and gates have not been cleaned or washed since installation. This has resulted in the accumulation of debris and grime especially on the underside surfaces of the fence and gate materials. Such debris will contain pollutants that are corrosive over time. Notwithstanding this lack of maintenance, there is nil evidence of the barrier protection of the powder coating or the sacrificial protection of the zinc coating on the steel being compromised.
  • The durability of the coating is apparent from the every day wear and tear that the fence has been subject to over the 10 years.
  • There is no sign of the fence having failed in any respect (material or install).
  • There is nil delamination of the coating film across the materials on site.
  • The powder coating has still retained much of its original gloss. This is function of using a high quality powder that is genuinely UV resistant and backs up our 10 year color fastness warranty.
  • There is practically no deterioration in the integrity of the powder coating. There is some isolated delamination where the coating has been chipped but no chalking or cracking.
  • Where the coating has been chipped there has been no corrosion or undercutting of the adjacent film. This film adhesion is a function of the steel quality, metal pre-treatment process and powder coating process and powder.
  • There has been nil powder delamination and/ or corrosion of the rail brackets used to secure the panels to the posts.
  • The hinges are operable and there are no signs of failure.
  • The superior corrosion resistance of the silicon bronze weld is apparent as there is virtually no corrosion around the weld even where the powder film has been compromised due to the picket being damaged.

Quality raw materials, processes and install are the key to service life

In particular, the service life of the fence is a function of:

  • Steel quality: Australian made Orrcon Mild Steel GalvaBond®
  • Zinc coating: Australian made Orrcon Mild Steel GalvaBond®
  • Metal pre-treatment process: Bluedog
  • Powder coating process: Bluedog
  • Powder coating materials: Akzo Nobel (Interpon) powders
  • Installation: Bluedog employee installation team