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Australian tubular steel fencing system delivering a premium security option to protect your perimeter, public assets and infrastructure. Choose our SecuraTop® security fence system as a highly cost effective, strong and long lasting security solution.
Bluedog SecuraTop Security Fence Post and Panels


SecuraTop® is our proprietary standard security tubular fence system. It is designed to secure property from unauthorised access, assist with vehicle and pedestrian traffic to and from the site, while visually enhancing the property.

It achieves a security and aesthetic outcome that is significantly greater than alternate fencing options. It is compliant with government standards for public infrastructure assets across the education, transport, health, correctional, IT and communication sectors.

It also offers a greater long term ROI for those searching for a premium solution in the commercial and private sectors.

Our range extends to meet required local, state and federal government standards and specifications.

  • Government compliance
  • Safely control access and egress
  • Premium perimeter protection
  • Proven vandalism reduction solution
  • Lean manufacturing processes
  • Save money buying a longer lasting fence
  • Opt for a ready-to-ship, stock product package
  • Get peace of mind buying Australian made


The premium grade pre-Galvanised steel surface is meticulously cleaned and prepared in a 7-stage chemical pre-treatment process and finished in a highly durable polyester powder coat that will look great for years to come. The fencing and gate system is pre-fabricated and is assembled readily on site with no need for cutting and welding.

SecuraTop® is made to meet a number of specifications including steel, Securatop® Standard, Securatop® Max, QLD Department of Education, NSW Department of Education, SA Department of Education, SA Department of Infrastructure and Transport (SADIT). Scroll through the specification tables below for more details.


  • Protecting
    our future
  • Promote safe
    public spaces
  • Long term ROI
    for asset protection
  • National
    guideline compliant
  • Minimise risk
    to public and staff
  • Lean Manufacturing process




Multiple specification compliant
Multiple specification compliant
Commerical or public property
Commerical or public property
Multiple latching options
Multiple latching options
Bluedog Fences SmartaBracket
Bluedog Fences SmartaBracket
Heavy duty hinge options
Heavy duty hinge options
Multiple gate and closure options
Multiple gate and closure options


Special Coating
Aussie Bred
Value for Money
  • Special Coating

    The iconic blue dog is born with a pure white coat before growing into a weather-resistant double coat. 

    A Bluedog Fence works from the same principles, beginning with 100% Australian raw steel before receiving a zinc coating to deliver superior protection against corrosion and rust - we call it the coat made for Australian conditions.

  • Aussie Bred

    With Aussie ingenuity and determination, our innovative products have been designed with strength and safety in mind, and often exceed the Australian Standard.

    By choosing a Bluedog Fence, you’re supporting a home-grown Australian business and local jobs for a team that understands your job and the unique conditions you’re working in.

  • Value for Money

    With Bluedog Fences, it’s not just another fence. We promise to stand the test of time and look great for longer with our 10 year colour fastness warranty.

    Our products outlast the competition thanks to 100% Australian steel, superior zinc coating and a commitment to innovation to deliver safety, security and peace of mind.

  • Reliability

    At Bluedog Fences, we believe in doing things right the first time. Our lean manufacturing process is designed to keep our whole pack working in an organised, safe and clean working environment so we can deliver the highest quality fencing products, every time. Like all good working dogs, we’re dynamic, nimble and competitive - and always ready to work.

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