TopRail® Post and Rail Fencing

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TopRail® is a smart and stronger steel alternative to traditional sawn timber post and rail fencing.


TopRail® is our proprietary fence system that ideal as a front fence or entrance to hobby farms, rural properties, horse studs and also stock enclosures. It is also suitable to control pedestrian and vehicle movement around open spaces and along footpaths. The tubular steel design retains the aesthetic feel of a traditional mortise timber post and rail fence but is much stronger, long lasting and requires much less maintenance. It is also stronger and more durable than PVC plastic post and rail fencing.

The fencing is made from premium grade pre-galvanised tubular steel. The steel surface is meticulously cleaned and prepared in a 7-stage chemical pre-treatment process and finished in a highly durable polyester powder coat that will look great for years to come. The system is modular and supplied in a “flat pack” style that can be assembled readily on site with no need for cutting and welding.


The benefits of TopRail® post and rail fencing include:

  • Stronger and more durable than timber and PVC plastic.
  • No weathering or the need for regular repainting like timber.
  • No cutting, bending or welding on site.
  • Quicker and easier to install.
  • A superior aesthetic outcome by way of the coating finish.
  • Saving money by way of reduced maintenance costs and extended product life. 


Product Features

  • 115x45x2mm oval rail
  • Proprietary rail bracket to suit sloped ground
  • Mortised timber post look alike
  • Horse and stock safe design
  • Delivered in space efficient “Flat-pack” ready to install
  • 10 year coating warranty
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Product Details

  • Standard height: 1200mm
  • Standard rail length: 3010mm
  • Rail: 115x42x2 oval pre-galvanised steel hollow tube
  • Fence posts: 75x75x3mm pre-galvanised steel hollow tube
  • Pregalvanised steel hollow tube compliant with AS1450:1983 and AS1397:2001

Please Download Product Brochure for TopRail® Post and Rail Fencing in pdf file format.

• Use our TopRail® to suit a 115x42mm oval rail and 75x75mm post. The bracket is made from 3mm gauge steel and is hot dip galvanised, rather than zinc plated, after fabrication making it much more corrosion resistant and long lasting. The bracket encloses the rail and fixes to the non-attack side of the post making the bracket quicker to install. This bracket has three fixing points to the post and two to the rail of the panel.

• Use our Bolt’nLock® system of a Ø20mm slide bolt and Ø16mm drop bolt combination. These units are easily fitted on site and suit a standard padlock.

• Polyester powder coat that will give a tough and long lasting colored finish to the fence.
• Zinc rich epoxy primer under coat to suit higher corrosion environments.
• Anti-graffiti coating that assists removal of graffiti.



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