GuardForce® 358 mesh high security fencing secures a ‘sensitive’ communications facility

GuardForce® 358 mesh high security fencing secures a ‘sensitive’ communications facility

23rd Jul 2016

This sensitive communications facility in South Australia is now a whole lot more safe and secure with a GuardForce® 358 mesh high security fence and gate system. The three key outcomes for the fencing were:

  • to achieve a very high level of perimeter security to prevent unauthorise access; 
  • a longer service life; and
  • minimise any negative aesthetic impact at the site. 

The high level of security, that was the paramount outcome, was achieved by using a fence system design that delivers a high deter, delay and detect security value through:

  • the height of the fence at 3 metres.
  • the close-spaced or finger-proof design of the welded mesh that makes climbing the fence without the aid of tools difficult.
  • the 4mm guage of the mesh panel that makes cutting the panel to gain access through the fence time consuming and difficult without the aid of hand/ power tools.
  • the serrated top rail.
  • the anti-tunnelling concrete strip footing placed under the fence.

An extended service life (25+ years) will be achieved by way of:

  • the mesh is made with zinc aluminium alloy coated wire that is highly corrosion resistant.
  • the steel work is hot dip galvanised after fabrication to provide a high level of corrosion resistant.
  • Bluedog Eternity heavy duty roller bearing hinges were used on the gates.

The aethetic outcome was optimisied by way of:

  • the welded mesh is open and as a result is visually retreating compared to other fence systems that are lot more solid.
  • the serrated topping is more aesthetically appealing than the appearance of rows of bar-wire and/ or razor loops.

The project also presented some unique project management challenges as Bluedog was being engaged as the fence system supplier by a local constructor who were engaged by a national communications organisation who themselves were being engaged by a foreign defence office. For this reason a great deal of stakeholder management was required to achieve an outcome that was to everyone's satisfaction. There were also changes to the proposed fencing alignments once the installation phase had started, and it was only due to the fact that we hold stock of our GuardForce® product that the changes could be made successfully without affecting the timeline of the project.


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